COVID-19 Closure

Our office is temporarily closed until at least April 21st, in accordance with the executive order of the governor of Texas. As you know, recommendations and mandates are changing daily so this deadline may be extended in the future; we will keep you updated.

Why are we closed?

  • To preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) for the hospitals. Our medical colleagues are courageously fighting this war on the frontlines, at great risk to themselves. We owe it to them to do our part from the sidelines.
  • To keep our team and patients adequately protected. The procedures performed in the dental office produce a lot of aerosols and at this time we to do have the proper PPE (N95 masks) required to establish this level of protection.
  • To comply with social distancing guidelines. It’s important for our patients and employees to stay home to limit their risk of getting or transmitting the virus.


If you have an emergency that would otherwise result in emergency room care, please leave a detailed message on our office phone number 281-759-9191. Include your full name, DOB, and the best number to call you back at.

Thank you for understanding as we navigate this difficult time. We continue to pray for the health and safety of our nation and all those affected by COVID-19. God Bless – Park West Dental.