Dental Implants – Second Best to Natural

A missing tooth hurts in more than one ways. It is best to replace that gap with an artificial one, which would provide a lasting support for surrounding teeth and strengthen the bite. You should be well informed about the pros and cons of the procedure before giving it a nod.

Sharks can have virtually innumerable teeth in a lifetime. They can replace their broken teeth with new ones. An argument can be made that we, humans, too can replace our primary teeth with the permanent teeth, but the number of teeth sharks can grow back goes in thousands. Their evolution has been long and started millions of years earlier than humans. So until we can evolve such a mechanism of replacing lost teeth with fresh natural ones, we’ll have to depend upon unnatural means. Dental implants are unnatural but they are nothing less than the natural teeth, both in performance and appearance.

Teeth could be lost for many reasons. Reasons that we do not have control over. Some are sudden like an accident on the road or in a contact sport and may be a big punch to the face in a fist fight. Reasons like tooth decay are not sudden, they gradually grow with age and ignorance, but are a lot more common. Losing a tooth is utterly discomforting, no matter which way it happens. To live with a gap between teeth can be frustrating as it not only affects one’s appearance but invites a lot of trouble. Strength of the bite is substantially reduced and it would hurt every time a hard eatable touches the vacant area. Broken teeth end up being a home to bacteria and infection which puts the health of surrounding teeth in danger too. Apart from that, the alignment of the adjacent teeth undergoes changes because of lack of support.

Dental implants provide complete solutions to all these problems. They are customized according to your bite and the colour of the surrounding teeth. The material which is most commonly used in the preparation of the crown is called porcelain. It can be moulded conveniently to achieve finest details and its colour can be matched with the tooth enamel, giving it a natural look. The biggest advantage of an implant is not cosmetic but functional. As the crown is set on a titanium base and is firmly attached to it by powerful resins, it gives a strong support to the surrounding teeth, increasing the strength of one’s bite.

It is very natural to be uncomfortable with the idea of getting an elaborate operation done inside one’s mouth but it is one method that comes closest to being natural as well as permanent. The advantages of dental implants far surpass its disadvantages, but you should be aware of all the aspects before getting onboard.