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Medicaid & CHIP

Park West Dental is exceptional Medicaid Dental provider for Children and Young Adults in Houston area.

We here at Park West Dental accept Medicaid & Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) dental coverage so that anyone can come in.  We believe that anyone should have the accessibility to great dental coverage to make sure they have the capability to maintain their teeth, and we have you covered.check-up. We also have experienced professional dentists who will make sure you know how your teeth are like, and what procedures you must do to maintain them.

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Medicaid and CHIP Dentist

5 Star Rated by patients Dentist that accept Medicaid Dental in Houston

Our waiting room is a child friendly environment where your children can pass time before their examination. We try our best to make sure your child feels right at home. We also make sure you feel satisfied with our affordable and high quality Medicaid dental coverage.


Dentist that accept medicare

With Our convenient location allows many children within the greater Houston area to receive proper dental care to prevent serious problems like tooth decay. With the Medicaid dental services you receive at Park West Dental, tooth decay can be prevented or treated early so it doesn’t progress to more serious health problems later on. We teach each patient to properly brush and floss teeth so they can have beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

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What does Medicaid cover ?

Most children and young adults age 20 and younger with Medicaid or CHIP coverage get dental services through a managed care dental plan.

Medicaid Dental pays for comprehensive dental services including

* Medicaid provides no coverage for preventative, diagnostic, or restorative dental services for adults.

Texas Medicaid and CHIP Contact :

Medicaid Members: 800-516-0165
CHIP Members: 800-508-6775