Dentist open on Saturday

Open on Saturday


Compared to many other dentist offices who are closed on Saturdays,  We are Dentist open on Saturday, at Park West Dental allow clients to come in on Saturdays from 8AM till 3PM.  We understand that people do not have time to make an appointment with us within their busy week, and so we allow those people to come in on Saturdays to get their business over with. Also, our availability on Saturday helps people with urgent emergencies get the proper treatment they need right away instead of waiting the whole weekend in pain.


We are happy to serve the greater Houston area, and our high quality facility, top rated staff, and our availability throughout the week make Park West Dental your #1 pick for whenever you’re in need of a professional dental service. Give us a call at 281-759-9191, or make an appointment online!

o   Sealants

o   Oral Cancer Screenings


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