Getting Affordable Dental Implants in Houston is Not a Dream Anymore





Stop dreaming of affordable dental implants in Houston, and have real-life experience of unbelievable cost-effective dental implants at Park West Dentist.

Preferences of people and dental implants: Considering the usual preferences of the majority of people, you must be willing to keep the essential items expenditures to be as low as possible. Similarly, if you have been thinking about the dental implants, once again you would be concerned about the cost of implants. No doubt, it is always worrying about how to find the best affordable prices without compromising on the quality of the services.

You have a dental insurance plan or not? Cost of implants is mainly worrisome for those who do not have dental insurance plan. Then again, even if you have one; there are certain insurance policies that do not cover the full cost of dental implants. The real thing to think about is that if you do not take up the necessary dental procedures, it may cost you more in long run.

Get an estimate from us: As the cost of the implant varies person to person, hence we are more than happy to provide you with an estimate after initial examination and consultation. We amuse our visitors with $65 dental implants which may be a perfect fit for you as well.     

Dental implants and oral health: Dental implants ensure the improvement of long term oral health in multiple ways. For instance,

Traditional Dental Bridges require reducing the surrounding teeth. This procedure is not needed with dental implants. This means that your dental tissue remains intact.

Similarly living with missing teeth leads to several risks related to oral health such as gum diseases. Ultimately the missing teeth condition may cause other teeth to have the same issue and you will end up losing more teeth.


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Point to think about: Hence the conclusion is that whenever you try to find the potential costs of implants; you should keep in mind the cost of not getting them.

How to find affordable dental implants in Houston? Follow the underlined steps and you will end up finding cost-effective dental implants in Houston; meant perfect for you:

Step 1:

Ask friends and family members: It does not matter how much technologically equipped we are; word of mouth is still one of the best ways of advertising. Hence, do not hesitate to ask for a recommendation from your friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, and even acquaintances. If you find the name of the certain local dentist again and again in a positive manner; this is a clear indication that the said dentist is highly skilled and competent.

Step 2:

Go through online reviews: Online reviews are not meant for vacation rentals and restaurants only. They exist for other professional services as well and this includes dentists. If you are considering a certain dentist for implants or other oral health services; you must check their online reviews. Be conscious of the common themes. One bad review must not rule out the dentists. Several bad reviews indicate that you should continue your search.

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Step 3:

Check for the professional credentials: Access the website of the dentists and check for the credentials yourself. Go to “about” page or their biography. You will have access to the complete description of the professional credentials of the dentist.

The dentist must have been a graduate from an accredited dental school. Moreover, he should have earned a Doctor of Dentistry Surgery (DDS) degree or a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDS) degree.                

If no degree is listed; don’t be afraid and make a call to the office. Ask about the dentist’s credentials.

Step 4:

Schedule a consultation: A reputable dentist will always agree for an initial consultation without any commitment. If one does not agree; then the dental practice is a fraud and hence you should move on.

First things come first: Before all what has been mentioned above; you need to ask yourself the following:

  • Are dental implants a good solution to your dental issues?
  • Do you have overall good dental health?
  • Is your gums disease-free?
  • Is your bone tissue strong enough to support the implants?

If the answer to all this is yes; then you should schedule a free consolation for dental implants. It will enable you to explore the possibilities of having dental implants.


What if you don’t meet the above criteria? Don’t be despaired if you do not meet the criteria mentioned above. Gum disease is a highly reversible condition specifically when it is diagnosed earlier. In case your bone tissues are not substantial; bone grafts can be done in the jaw area.

Options of dental implants: At times, implants are needed for one missing teeth or a couple of them. There are others who need these dental implants for several missing teeth.

Thinking of full mouth dental implants? Those are available as well for all those who may otherwise be recommended to have dentures. The dental implants are more authentic in appearance as compared to the dentures. They are more comfortable and mimic the natural teeth functionalities.

Once done with the initial examination; your dentist will be in a position to provide you with a reasonable estimate of what you may expect to pay for the dental implants.

The implanting procedure: The procedure of dental implants itself significantly affects the price of dental implants. There are different scenarios such as:

Healthy jaw tissue: You will have to pay lesser for the dental implants when your jaw tissue is healthy, has sufficient mass and strong enough to support the implants. In case of grafting of bone tissues; the cost will escalate.

Full mouth dental implants: This case again will have a higher cost as compared to when one needs a couple of implants or three of them.

Gum diseases: If the gum disease is under control; then implants installation will not cost too much.

What about all on 4 dental implants? Your dentist is the only one who can decide if you are a good enough to have all on 4 dental implants. As the name explains, it is a procedure involving an entire row of individual prosthetic teeth on four implants only. It is different than each prosthetic tooth supported by its individual implant. These types of dental implants cause lower cost. It is because the degree of oral surgery is lesser as compared to traditional counterparts.

Implants aftercare: It does not matter; how much you paid for the implants. Proper care is one of the basic components of enjoying the worth of spent money. It is significant that you practice proper oral health activities. This means flossing and brushing on regular basis. At the same time, regular dental checkups are recommended as well. For such prosthetic teeth which are supported by implants; low abrasive tooth cleanser is usually recommended by the dentists.

Experience matters: While looking for cost-effective dental implants and other oral hygiene procedures; people usually end up visiting an inexperienced dentist. It needs to be kept in mind that some of the procedures such as all on 4 dental implants will cost more when done by someone who does not possess significant experience in the relevant field.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions inquiring how many procedures the dentist has performed so far.

If you are looking forward to having affordable dental care in Houston; feel free to get in touch with us and schedule a free consolation. We will be more than happy to respond to your queries including your concerns related to the overall cost of the installation of dental implants.                 

We at, Park West Dental provide dental financing to all the patients who do not have dental insurance. If your insurance plan, does not cover dental procedures; you may make possess our dental financing and enjoy access to affordable oral health care in Houston, Texas.